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I’m going for Jesus, I can’t ignore I/won’t ignore him. What prize could i get in exchange for him?-There’s nothing near the value of him.

People will dissapear, but he remains, He is worth everything you could give for him. Man has proved to me the absolute essential need for his power and deliverence, without a doubt life is empty without him, Ive been on both sides, with him and without him(and thinking I was without him- thats another story)> Without him- I never want to go there again. >With him- I want that, in fact I need that, thats his plan for me(and possibly you), he planned that before I knew him, and I thank God for him coming in as a commando, into this world to rescue me(and you if you will accept him!)

I’ll be a fool for Jesus Christ the true God, maker of all things ANY DAY!



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