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I did it MY way July 31, 2006

Posted by gogadget in Uncategorized.

God i’m not doing it my way any more, i want to do it(life) your way from now on, cause theres the blessing, theres the glory to Jesus, theres the blessing to those around me, theres the wisdom,  power and provision of God.
I’ve noticed when ever things have worked out dud, its been when i’ve been doing it my way, and ignoring God- yes you can ignore him(i think the world is proof enought!).
 I think the key here is listening out for Gods directions– like an employee looks out for the bosses instructions AND DOES IT, only i’m his slave-not just an employee(slave to richeousness, bought with a price>the price of Jesus for me). He’s my boss, i dont want to miss out on any BONUSES here(or in heaven)(and i certainly don’t want any rebukes).
So I’m re-writing the song from I did it my way,> to I did it God’s way.(a work in progress)
ps: its my 13th wedding annaversary-yipee-she’s the best chick. time to go & cut some flowers for the best chick there is.
cya soon



1. Mark Wilson - July 31, 2006

Onya Gadget! 13th. Wooo!

And what good words in your song.

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