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Hi, this is my first blog July 24, 2006

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gday, hope this is usefull to you or someone else out there who’s looking for the light of the world, you will see light it in different forms/colours at this blog, reflecting the true light JESUS of course. what else is there to do!!! Its what i was made for-to do. My personal challenge is to reflect his light in my own way/ my flavour, and  rather than a satilite dish size reflector- i am aiming to grow to be like an ocean size reflector, that shines to many more people who God loves, and I have a tiny fraction of that love, but its expansion time for me. If you think that perhaps I love you, well I think my “biggest” love is a molecule size love compared to a planet size love of God- as displayed in Jesus when He died for the sins of his enemies, who rejected him and killed him, and we are among them, who have done the same. BUT thanks be to God who delivers us from our own selves, he is willing that none perish, but that ALL have life, and that life comes ONLY from accepting his son, who is the testimony of GOD to us. JESUS is the medicine we need to cure the death we deserve. Lets speak out loud to him now- “Jesus I want to be your disiple, i want you in my life, i want you to save me, forgive me and help me, I need you, thank you for dieing for me, thank you for being my saviour, thank you I’m now yours, now guide me, fill me with the Holy spirit you promised to those who believe on you. help me find a church family ‘home’ to grow in.” Thank you for showing this person the truth lord Jesus, youre a ledgend!   



1. Mark Wilson - July 24, 2006

Onya dude. I am so keen to read more and more from you.

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